World Book Day - and 50 Football Books for 2017

World Book Day - and 50 Football Books for 2017


This morning I (as many other parents will know) had to get the kids dressed up for #WorldBookDay.

Always a fun exercise!

Thinking on a 'Social Media Conversation' front I started to scribble down some of my favourite books. I've never been a great reader of 'books' (forever reading something on my phone to be fair) - especially since I started the business and Social Media appeared on the scene, but I have a few of my faves bouncing about before I even start writing them down. To Kill a Mocking Bird. The Beach. Misery. Twelfth Night. Most of my 'self-help' books. :)  As the day went on and I continued to manage various social media channels for various accounts I came across a post titled The top 50 football books to read before you die. This appealed to me. I would like to try that.

Could I read all of these books before World Book Day 2018 though? 1 book a week? Not impossible. I might not manage it but I'm going to give it a go.

Rather than buy these books from Amazon or Ebay etc. I'm going to try and find folk who have them and, either do a swap (I'll put a list of books I own up somewhere on the site - tbc), OR make a small donation to Scottish Book Trust.

I'm going to start with one that I already have on my bookcase. Keane: The Autobiography, by Roy Keane and Eamon Dunphy

Here are the 50 Football Books. Give me a shout (or email me) if you have any you are willing to donate to charity. I'll mark them off as I go ;)











Here's what actually happened this morning.

Contd. ... To Kill a Mocking Bird. The Beach. Misery. Twelfth Night. Most of my 'self-help' books. However, I found myself going way back to try and remember the first book that I ever read. Obviously through school you remember various books you were given to read. I clearly remember one in Primary 2 - The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. I loved that book. I especially loved the fact that the main character's name was 'Plop'.

As I went through all those 'reading years' one book stood out (this was circa 9:30am this morning) and it was the first Autobiography that I had ever read. My first 'serious' book. I must have been no more than 10 years old when I read it. It was called 'The Big Shot', by Tommy Gemmell. I really was taken aback when the news broke of his passing round about the same time as I was going through this 'world book day' social media plan/list.

My thoughts go out to all the friends and family of Tommy Gemmell. The term 'Legend' gets used all too often these days, but for a certain generation of Football fans Tommy really was A Legend. A Lion.



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